Research Group Material Characterization

Fields of work

The research group material characterisation is working on topics in the fields of macroscopic mechanical, thermo-mechanical and rheological characterisation as well as thermal analysis of polymer materials and their composites. In addition the group develops experimental test equipment e.g. for application in synchrotron beam line and works on the numerical simulation of the mechanical, thermo-mechanical, fracture-mechanical and moisture-dependent behavior of polymers and composites.


  • SAB Research Project - "NGSCOPES - A new generation of actuators for endoscopy"
  • IGF project 21276 - "Quantification of the mechanical strength of infrared welded thermoplastic components under cyclic loading"


Head of Research Group

Dr.-Ing. Kai Uhlig
+49 351 4658 423 +49 351 4658 362

Staff members

Anna Sambale, M.Sc.
Lucas Schraa, M.Sc.
Dr. Konrad Schneider
Holger Scheibner
Karsten Scheibe
Kristina Eichhorn
Sabine Krause

Guest scientists and students

Dipl.-Ing. Paul Wetzel
Enno Henn, B.Sc.