The IPF is a publicly funded research institute. As a Leibniz Institute, it receives its basic funding in equal parts from the federal and state governments. The institute operates as a registered non-profit association.

The organs of the association are the general meeting, the board of directors, the board of trustees and the scientific advisory board.
The institute is managed by the board of directors, which consists of the scientific director and the administrative director.

The scientific work is carried out in currently five IPF institutes. The heads of these institutes, as well as the head of the research division Elastomers form the 'Direktionskollegium' and advise the board of directors on the profile and strategy of research.

The corresponding infrastructure is ensured by central service units and administration with the divisions Research Technology and Administration/Technical Services and the management supporting functions with the units Research Planning and Coordination, Public Relations, Compliance and Governance, and Controlling.

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