10.07.2024 Ahmed Omara wins Journal of Materials Chemistry B award at Cambridge Bioelectronics Symposium

Congratulations to Ahmed Omara on winning the Journal of Materials Cheimistry B award at the Cambridge Bioelectronics Symposium, held on 1-3 July 2024 in Cambridge (UK), for his poster titled … more »

21.06.2024 IPF at DESY: Investigations of structure formation in polymers

Challenging but successful days for scientists (Eric Euchler, Anna Sambale, Regine Boldt, Enno Henn, Sitao Wang, Lutz Zybell, Kai Uhlig) from the Institute of Polymer Materials (headed by Prof. Markus Stommel) of the … more »

14.06.2024 Ashwin Shah wins ATLA-FRAME Best Poster Award and L'Oréal travel grant at ESTIV2024, June 3-6, Prague

Congratulations to Ashwin Shah on winning the ATLA-FRAME Best Poster Award at the 22nd International Congress of the European Society of Toxicology in vitro (ESTIV2024), June 3-6, in Prague, for his poster titled … more »

07.06.2024 Weiterförderung für Sonderforschungsbereich 1415

Der Sonderforschungsbereich „Chemie der synthetischen zweidimensionalen Materialien“ wurde für die zweite Förderperiode verlängert. more »

04.06.2024 IPF at the 12th World Biomaterials Congress in Daegu, South Korea

The IPF was highly visible at the 12th World Biomaterials Congress in Daegu, South Korea (May 26-31, 2024), the largest global gathering of biomaterial researchers, with over 4000 participants from 62 countries. Three … more »

31.05.2024 Daniela Loessner has been promoted to Full Professor

Daniela Loessner has been promoted to Full Professor by the Monash University Professorial Promotion Committee on 31 May 2024. Her promotion reflects the hard work, dedication and contribution to the university and the … more »

26.04.2024 Sebastian Kühn wins Best Poster Presentation at EMBL-IBEC Conference, April 24-26, 2024, Barcelona

Congratulations to Sebastian Kühn on winning the Best Poster Presentation at the EMBL-IBEC Conference "Engineering multicellular systems" in Barcelona, for his poster titled "µGUIDE – A precision microgel … more »

11.04.2024 Paper “Precision culture scaling to establish high-throughput vasculogenesis models” published

The new paper Precision culture scaling to establish high-throughput vasculogenesis models by Nicholas R. Dennison, Maximilian Fusenig, Lisa Groennert, Manfred F. Maitz, Maria A. Ramirez Martinez, Manja Wobus, Uwe … more »

11.01.2024 Deep learning model to identify new classes of antibiotic candidates

Bacterial resistance to existing antibiotics is a global threat to human health that will kill 10 million infected people per year by 2050, highlighting the need to discover new antibiotics. The conventional development … more »

09.01.2024 Colloquium: Mrityunjoy Kar

Dr. Mrityunjoy Kar Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell biology and Genetics, Dresden RNA-BINDING PROTEINS FORM NANO-TO-MESOSCALE ASSEMBLIES PRIOR TO PHASE SEPARATION 10.01.2024, 14:00, Seminar room B1 (MBZ) more »

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