Joint professorships with TU Dresden

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Further professorships of IPF scientists at universities worldwide

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Chemical & Biological Engineering
Prof. Dr. Daniela Lössner - Associate Professor

Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science
Prof. Dr. Albena Lederer - Professor of Analytical Polymer Science

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Department of Chemistry
Dr. Petra Uhlmann - Adjunct Professor

Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) in Chengdu, China
School of Materials Science and Engineering
Dr. Manfred Maitz – Visiting professorship

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden/University of Applied Sciences Dresden
Faculty of Design
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Spickenheuer - Honorary professor

Tampere University of Technology, Fnnland
Dr. Amit Das - Adjunct Faculty (till 2019)

Boston University, USA
Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, Study abroad
Dr. Cordelia Zimmerer – lectureship Organic Chemistry (till 2019)

Appointments of former IPF employees to other institutions

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden
Prof. Dr. Katrin Salchert - Rector

University of Applied Sciences, Economics and Culture Leipzig
Dr. Hanna Brodowsky - Professur für Oberflächen

Shanghai Tech University, China School of Physical Science and Technology
Dr. Chunhong Ye - Assistant Professor

Cardiff University, Großbritannien
Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences
Dr. Benjamin Newland


University of Georgia, USA
Assistant Professor for Polymer Science, Fibres and Materials
PD Dr. Leonid Ionov (2015 till 2017 at University of Georgia, since 2017 at University of Bayreuth)

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Professorship of Materials Engineering/Testing
Dr. Thomas Horst

University of Tokyo, Japan
Project Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo
Dr. Toshihisa Osaki

University of Virginia, USA
Associate Professor of Research, Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics
Dr. Kandice Levental

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Senior Lecturer at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Philipp Seib

Institut für Biochemie der Universität, Leipzig
Professur für Biophysikalische Chemie
Prof. Dr. Tilo Pompe

Queensland University of Technology
Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology
Dr. Laura Bray