Institute of Polymer Materials

Knowing about the power of polymers


Materials are at the focus of our research work. We are driven by questions from the entire life cycle of polymer materials - starting with their synthesis, preparation, design and processing, as well as their usage up to their recycling. In this context, we research polymeric structural, composite and functional materials as well as polymeric material composites.

Research Cluster

Our research topics are strongly oriented towards engineering science. At the same time, our interdisciplinary cooperation is closely linked to natural sciences. This unique combination results in very successful interactions which, together with the competences of the institute's diverse research groups, open up far-reaching opportunities for application-relevant material and process innovations.

A particular unique attribute of our research is the consistent linkage of our individual research contents in the sense of efficient development and process chains, which are intensively digitally penetrated and analysed. For this purpose, we design and use powerful simulation methods that allow us to achieve extensive insights into the processes involved in the processing and use of polymer materials.