Institute of Polymer Materials

Head of Institute

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Stommel
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Anne Hofmann
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The development of new polymer materials as engineering and functional materials for special applications today is based predominantly on already established polymers and their modification by suitable functionalisation and coupling.Here, a challenge faced by research is the elaboration of an overall scientific concept encompassing the entire scale from molecule to component.

In interdisciplinary collaboration of natural scientists and engineers, an approach is being pursued that understands material design, material production and processing, engineering technology, in-line monitoring, comprehensive characterisation and polymer material modelling as an integrated entity.

The influence of physical and chemical parameters on morphology and thus the characteristics of materials and their processing behaviours is examined on heterogeneous or multi-phase polymer materials such as fibre composites, blends and filled elastomers.

The merger of fundamental studies and processing trials under conditions close to those encountered in the industry created a very fruitful interaction which, together with grown specific competencies in the field of melt spinning of polymers and glass, radiation modification of polymer materials, reactive processing and in-line monitoring opens up a great variety of opportunities for material and process ­innovations.