Offer for school students

With different activities we want to inform teachers and school students on modern polymer research, plastics processing, and the amazing versatility and properties of polymers in many high-tech applications.
Thus we want to deepen the school students' interest in chemical and physical phenomena and encourage them to decide for a professional carreer in chemistry, physics, materials science or some other technological or scientific field.

  • NEW: International school project - young international researchers go to schools with experimental programs (forms 8-12)
  • Visits of groups of school students upon application of teachers, normally 2 to 2.5 hours programmes with an introductory lecture and visits to three labs/pilot plants- at present not possible
  • Lectures on selected topics held in schools (Teachers may communicate their wishes concerning polymer-related topics.) - Contact
  • Trainee vacancies for highly motivated school students - Contact 
  • Tutoring for projects within 'Jugend forscht' or for 'besondere Lernleistung' on individual request - directly to a scientists active in the respective field or via Public Relations Officer
  • Participation in the Virtual Lab Days and Materials Holidays - programs of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

We ask for your understanding that dates and extent of all activities for school students have to be harmonized with the institute's research works and are therefore, limited.

Please let us know your wishes and do also use the chance to visit the institute on the occasion of the Night of Sciences, the Girls' Day, and the Open Doors Week of Saxon Enterprises.