Department Processing Technology

Fields of work

We design cross-scale polymer materials and processes as well as entire process chains. The focus is on researching the interrelationship between structure formation and local process boundary conditions as well as the application-relevant properties. The aim is to control the processes in such a way that our materials can develop their performance for individual product applications and service lives.

The department links synthesis steps, polymer material preparation and shaping processes on different quantity and size scales. In the context of digitization, material data from process-related characterization, chemical-physical process monitoring and process simulations as well as application tests form a decisive basis for the development of tailored new materials and process strategies.

Research Groups

Head of Department

Dr.-Ing. Ines Kuehnert
+49 351 4658 368 +49 351 4658 290


Mandy Fuelling
+49 351 4658 440 +49 351 4658 290