Research Group Electron-Induced Material Modification

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The "Electron-induced material modification" research group is active in the first stages along the process from the material through the material to the final product.

The focus is on holistic, application-oriented research and development of new functional polymer materials based on petrochemical and renewable raw materials. Starting from commercially available raw materials, an application-oriented modification and functionalization of bulk and/or surfaces with the help of sustainable electron beam technology should lead to the targeted adjustment of properties. By refusing chemical modifiers, electron beam technology is able to generate sustainable materials in the sense of an ecological circular economy. In this regard, the "electron-induced material modification" research group is developing material-process-structure relationships in order to meet the complex requirements of industrial applications.


Electron Induced Reactive Processing (EIRA)

  • Long chain branching of polymers
  • Impact modification of polymers
  • Compatibilization of polymer blends and composites

Hardening and Crosslinking of Polymers

  • Hardening of duromer fibre composites
  • Crosslinking of thermoplastic composites
  • Crosslinking of elastomeric materials
  • Crosslinking of thermoplastic materials
  • Shape memory polymers

Functionalization of polymers

  • PTFE to reduce friction and wear
  • Self-nucleation of PP, PHB and PLA
  • ETFE for the production of proton exchange membranes for fuel cells
  • Surface functionalization using polymer brushes
  • Surface functionalization of hollow fibres
  • Cyclization and oxygenation of PAN fibres

Development and production of multifunctional polymer materials

  • flame retardant polymers
  • Short and long fibre reinforced polymers
  • Natural fibre reinforced biopolymers


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