Research Group Shaping Processes and Process Simulation

Fields of Work

Injection Molding and Micro-Injection Molding

  • Development of small-scaled material testing methods using micro-molded specimen
  • Process analysis and optimization for material development
  • Morphology development throughout different application scales
  • Investigation of weld lines and interfaces in molded parts
  • Injection molding simulation

Material Data Determination and Validity

  • Simulation of rheometric measurements
  • Determination of material properties for processing simulation
  • Rheometric investigation of flow-induced crystallization

Compounding and Mixing Simulation

  • Simulation of mixing processes in compounding and injection molding

Prediction of Morphology Formation and Fibre Orientation

  • Crystallization analysis in injection molded parts and at interfaces
  • Simulative and experimental fibre orientation analysis

Analysis of Processing Equipment and Molds

  • Simulation and optimization of molds, plastification systems and non-return valves

Head of Research Group

Matthieu Fischer
+49 351 4658 314 +49 351 4658 290