Multifunctional Polymer Materials

Polymers have an enormous potential for the development of multifunctional materials because no other material is so variable in its properties and may be adapted to so many different applications as synthetic materials.

The establishment and operation of an application laboratory serves for the initiation of cooperations as well as the intensification of an improved range of services and transfer options for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). With the Leibniz application laboratory „Multifunctional Polymer Materials“, the IPF wants to speed up and facilitate the utilization of findings from its applied fundamental research on the topics of elastomers nanocomposites and electron-induced reactive processing for industrial applications. A small team of application engineers, in close cooperation with the scientists and technicians from the branch institute for polymer materials, acts as an agent between the industry and the scientific world and is committed to speed up the direct and straightforward technology transfer to the regional and nationwide industry.

You will profit from the interdisciplinary cooperation and expertise of the natural scientists as well as the engineers and you will actively be involved in the  material development.

The application laboratory provides:

  • A consolidation of basic research (results) and processing tests under near-industrial conditions  
  • State-of-the-art technologies for the production, processing and characterization of functional polymer materials
  • Extensive expertise in the field of high-performance composite materials as well as functional thermoplastic materials
  • Development and compounding of elastomer nanocomposites
  • Additive-free modification of melts and surfaces by means of highly energetic electrons
  • Comprehensive characterization of materials and surfaces
  • In-line and on-line process analysis methods
  • Customer-specific product development

SME's in particular, have the opportunity to apply for public funding for the research and development in joint research projects. We will gladly assist you in the application process.

For further information on opportunities for cooperation, please click here.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Wagenknecht
+49 351 4658 433 +49 351 4658 290