Technical equipment

A fully equipped laboratory for the production and characterization of elastomeric materials is available.

Elastomer Processing Lab

  • Lab mixer Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS with Rheomix 3010
  • Lab mixer Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS with Rheomix 600 OS
  • Lab mixer Thermo HAAKE Rheocord PolyLab 300p System with Rheomix 600p
  • Laboratory two roll mixing mill - SERVITEC Polymix 110L
  • hotpress FONTIJNE TP 1000

Elastomer Characterization

  • Eplexor 2000N - NETZSCH
  • Eplexor 2000N - Gabo Qualimeter Testanlagen GmbH
  • Tear and Fatigue Analyser (TFA) – COESFELD
  • SIS-V50 RPA Rubber-Process Analyser – SCARABAEUS
  • Elastograph - Göttfert
  • Mooney viscosimeter V-MV 3000 – MonTech
  • TSSR Meter – Brabender
  • IRHD-hardness tester – ZWICK 3105 combi test
  • Dataphysics DCAT 21
  • rebound tester (RPE)
  • DIN abrader

Leibniz Application Laboratory

  • Knowledge transfer of basic research into industrialised projects
  • On demand research of high performance elastomer composites
  • Individual modification of elastomer nano-composites
  • Reduction of environmentally harmful impacts including with more efficient material characteristics