Research Group Material Modelling and Digital Material Research

Using the appropriate numerical tools, problems in materials research are addressed. This includes modeling of polymer materials and composites, as well as automation and optimization approaches in design.

Fields of Work

Process-related material/structure simulation

  • Micro, meso, macro simulations of composite materials
  • Application areas: TFP, injection molding, bioengineering, elastomer composites

Numerical optimization for designs

  • Utilization of process-related degrees of freedom for optimal design
  • Areas of application: TFP, 3D printing, injection molding

Automation of measurements/evaluations

  • Use of numerical methods for control and modeling-based evaluation of experiments
  • Use of image recognition or also FEM


  • DFG “MerVa”
  • DFG Transfer “Short fiber orientation”

Group Members

  • Kevin Breuer (PhD-student)
  • Claudio Corbisieri (PhD-student)

Head of Research Group

Dr. Lars Bittrich
+49 351 4658 1321 +49 351 4658 362