Polymer Structures

Head of department

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit
+49 351 4658 590 +49 351 4658 565


Nicole Krause
+49 351 4658 590 +49 351 4658 565

The work aims at structure-property-relation based design of tailor-made polymers for specific applications. Besides classical synthetic methods such as radical polymerization and polycondensation suitable controlled polymerization methods like anionic polymerization and controlled radical polymerization are applied and further developed to achieve high control on the chain architecture. Material properties are characterized in close collaboration to the Institute Physical Chemistry and Physics of Polymers and the Institute of Polymer Materials. Main projects focus on the topics polymers and hybrids for organic electronics, polymers with inherent add-on properties (such as flame retardancy, anti-biofouling, (di)electric properties, self-healing). Present and future projects take the aspect of sustainability into account.

Fields of work:

            * Semiconducting polymers
                - Development of chain-grow polymerization
                - Study of mechanisms
             * Polymers for LED's
             * Dopants
             * Polymeric dielectrics
             * Hyperbranched high refractive index polymers

  •  Functional polymers

            * Self-healing materials
            * Polymers for energy storage
            * Polymers for functional coating (anti-biofouling, enzyme immobilization, ...)
            * Biobased polymers and resins
            * Blockcopolymers/Hybrids
            * Polymers as flame retardancy additives
            * Semifluorinated polymers to tailor surface properties

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