Research Group Fiber-Engineering

Head of Research Group

Dept. Processing Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Scheffler
+49 351 4658 373 +49 351 4658 362

Group members


  • Matthias Krüger
  • Alma Rothe
  • Steffi Preßler
  • Falk Eberth


  • Enrico Wölfel

Research Associate


Former Guests

Fields of work

Glass fiber spinning
Fiber surface modification
Processing of short and endless fibers
Interfacial characterization


Job postings

Included projects, unions and other work groups

  • Graded Interphases for Enhanced Dielectric and Mechanical Strength of Fiber Reinforced Composites (more)
  • DFG-GRK 2250/1 Mineral-bonded composites for enhanced structural impact safety (more)
  • SFB/TRR280 Design strategies for material-minimized carbon concrete structures - fundamentals for a new way of building (more)
  • Composites United e.V. (more)
  • Interfaces in fibre-reinforced composites (more)
  • Project WIRreFa (more)
  • Website C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite e. V. (more)