18.07.2023 Colloquium: Julien Clegg and Rodrigo Curvello

Julien Clegg, Queensland University of Technology, Science and Engineering Faculty, Brisbane, AUS: "Validating starPEG-heparin hydrogels as an ex vivo drug testing system for breast cancer" Rodrigo Curvello, … more »

23.06.2023 Cover published in Nature

A springtail (Tetrodontophora bielanensis) in its natural habitat is featured as cover in Nature. Link to the cover image on the journal's homepage. more »

22.06.2023 Nature-Artikel: Abstoßende Unordnung: Was macht cholesterinhaltige Oberflächen so abweisend?

for English version please scroll down Lebende Organismen nutzen sehr effektive physikalische Prinzipien, um Wechselwirkungen an ihren Oberflächen zu steuern. Forscher des Leibniz-Instituts für Polymerforschung … more »

13.06.2023 Vaidehi Londhe wins Best Scientific Poster Prize at Life Science Campus Summer Conference 2023 at CRTD

Congratulations to Vaidehi Londhe on winning the Best Scientific Poster Prize at the Life Science Campus Summer Conference at CRTD, for her poster titled "Understanding the biomolecular corona at the nano-bio … more »

06.06.2023 Frontispiece published in Advanced Healthcare Materials

The new paper A tumor microenvironment model of pancreatic cancer to elucidate responses toward immunotherapy by Verena Kast, Ali Nadernezhad, Dagmar Pette, Anastasiia Gabrielyan, Maximilian Fusenig, Kim C. Honselmann, … more »

05.06.2023 Neue Else Kröner Professur für Electronic Tissue Technologies verbindet Materialforschung und Elektronik mit Medizin und Biologie

New Else Kröner Professorship for Electronic Tissue Technologies combines materials research and electronics with medicine and biology (for the English text please scroll to bottom) more »

24.05.2023 Neuron D für Nature-Spinoff-Preis vorgeschlagen

Neuron D in Nature Spinoff Prize list more »

03.05.2023 New IPF Fellow Laura Bray

On May 1, 2023, Professor Laura J. Bray was appointed as IPF Fellow. Laura Bray is Associate Professor and Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow currently based at the Queensland University of Technology … more »

03.05.2023 Paper “Analysis of the binding of cytokines to highly charged polymer networks’’ published

The new paper Analysis of the binding of cytokines to highly charged polymer networks by Uwe Freudenberg, Passant Atallah, Jens-Uwe Sommer, Carsten Werner and Matthias Ballauff presents a model for how biological … more »

30.03.2023 Paper "Precision hydrogels for the study of cancer cell mechanobiology" published

The new paper Precision hydrogels for the study of cancer cell mechanobiology by Jana Sievers, Vaibhav Mahajan, Petra Welzel, Carsten Werner and Anna Taubenberger reviews recent studies that have explored the impact of … more »

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