Functional Particles and Interfaces Group

Welcome to the Synytska Group

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the internet page of the Synytska group “Functional Particles and Interfaces”. The Synytska group has strong areas of expertise and competences in physical chemistry of polymers, colloids and interfaces. This includes controlled modification of interfaces with responsive and adaptive polymer brushes, soft polymeric-based and hybrid organic-inorganic colloids with chemical and geometrical anisotropy, physical-chemical evaluation of their properties and self-assembly behavior in volume and interfaces, and fundamental understanding of correlations between macroscopic interfacial phenomena and their molecular origins. The obtained fundamental knowledge is transposed to the development of strategies for rational design of polymeric- and hybrid materials with controlled adhesion properties in complex environments (wet, underwater, icy) for soft matter adhesives and coatings as well as controlled interfacial activity and assembly for catalysis. Our innovative research program embraces both basic- and application-oriented projects.

Group members

Dr. Ivan Raguzin (Postdoc) - Nanoparticles with Ferroelectric Properties 

Ms. Wenbo Sheng (Scientific coworker) - Dynamic Assembly of Janus Colloids

Ms. Claudia Marschelke (PhD student) - Hairy Isotropic and Janus Particles for Catalysis

Mrs. Madeleine Schwarzer (PhD student) - Functional Surfaces with Anti-Icing Properties

Mr. Ugo Sidoli (PhD student) - Surfaces with Switchable and Adaptive Adhesion Properties under Water

Mr. Yixuan Du (PhD student) - Janus Layers for Optoelectronic Applications

Mr. Fabian Kobsch (Bachelor student) - Investigation of Ice Adhesion on Polymeric Surfaces

Mrs. Martina Priebs, Lab assistant

Mrs. Kathrin Pöschel, Lab assistant


Olga Diring, Marjolein Sliepen, Dr. Alina Kirillova , Dr. Jagannath Chanda, Kristin Köhler, Claudia Hase,
Dr. Ekaterina Biehlig, Dr. Sebastian Berger

Open positions

Highly motivated BSc, MSc students who are interested in Bachelor/ Master or PhD thesis are always welcome to join our group! We offer the following topics:

  • Synthesis and Assembly of Soft Janus Colloids
  • Soft Anisotropic Colloids and Dispersions with Controlled Viscoelastic Behavior
  • Janus Colloids and Immobilisation of Enzymes for Biocatalysis
  • Anisotropic Colloids with Ferroelectric Properties
  • Soft Matter Adhesives with Controlled Underwater Adherence
  • Surfaces and Interfaces with Controlled Icing Properties 

For more details, please contact Dr. habil. Alla Synytska.