Dr. Petra Uhlmann

Group Leader High Energy Density Batteries
at the Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.

Hohe Str. 6
01069 Dresden
Phone: +49 (0)351 4658-236
Fax: +49 (0)351 4658-281



Group members

  • Olga Grätz (PhD student)
  • Anne Freitag (PhD student)
  • Prof. Leonid Ionov (collaborator at University of Bayreuth and IPF-fellow)

Research Topics

The successful design of Li-S batteries with high energy density has the challenging perspective to significantly improve existing battery technology and to boost the development of environmentally friendly automotive development. Li-S batteries could triple the energy density of existing Li-ion batteries combined with high reversibility of fast charging-discharging cycles and lifetime of thousands of cycles. Recently, based on novel approaches for battery design we have been able to develop Li-S test cells with relatively high energy density and stability over 100 cycles. There are, however still problems to be solved related to the insulating nature of active sulfur, polysulfide dissolution and redox shuttle phenomena, volume expansion, electrode passivation by sulfides etc. that limits the performance of Li-S batteries. We try to develop novel composite cathodes, protective membranes and new electrolytes which will allow improvement of the performance of Li-S batteries. Due to the complex nature of ongoing processes systematic and basic studies of charging and discharging processes are necessary. Therefore, we use sophisticated characterisation techniques, where chemical modifications at different locations inside the cell during charging and discharging may be followed. So we try to develop new polymer-based porous cathode materials (see figure from ref./3/) to optimize electrochemical performance.


  • DFG: ISIBAT - In-situ Spectroscopic Investigations of High Energy Li-S Batteries Based on New Carbon Cathodes (2015-2018)
  • BMBF (WING-Zentrum): BamoSa -  Batterie-Mobil in Sachsen (2013-2019)

5 most important publications

  • M. Agrawal, S. Choudhury, K. Gruber, F. Simon, D. Fischer, V. Albrecht, M. Göbel, S. Koller, M. Stamm, L. Ionov, Porous carbon materials for Li-S batteries based on resorcinol-formaldehyde resin with inverse opal structure, Journal of Power Sources 261, 363-370 (2014)
  • M. Müller, S. Choudhury, K. Gruber, V.B. Cruz, B. Fuchsbichler, T. Jacob, S. Koller, M. Stamm, L. Ionov, B. Beckhoff, Sulfur x-ray absorption fine structure in porous Li-S cathode films measured under argon athmospheric conditions, Spectroscimica Acta  B94, 22-24 (2014)
  • S. Choudhury, M. Agrawal, P. Formanek, D. Jehnichen, D. Fischer, B. Krause, V. Albrecht, M. Stamm, L. Ionov, Nanoporous Cathodes for High-Energy Li-S Batteries from Gyroid Block Copolymer Templates, ACS Nano 9, 6147-6157 (2015) 
  • A. Urbanski, A. Omar, J. Guo, A. Janke, U. Reuter, M. Malanin, F. Schmidt, D. Jehnichen, M. Holzschuh, F. Simon, K.-J. Eichhorn, L. Giebeler, P. Uhlmann, An efficient two-polymer binder for high-performance silicon nanoparticle-based lithium-ion batteries: A systematic case study with commercial polyacrylic acid and polyvinyl butyral polymers, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 166 (2019) A5275-A5286.
  • J. Guo, A. Omar, A. Urbanski, S. Oswald, P. Uhlmann, L. Giebeler, Electrochemical Behavior of Microparticulate Silicon Anodes in Ether-Based Electrolytes: Why Does LiNO3 Affect Negatively? ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (2019) 4411-4420.