Functional Polymers and Composites for Applications in Organic Electronics and Sensorics

Dresden, November 7 and 8, 2012

You can download the programm and the registration form here.

The Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. and its Association of Supporters invite you to the 10th IPF colloquium.
Organic electronics is the basis for a rapidly growing technology that is anticipated to compete successfully with conventional microelectronics in the near future in such areas as electroluminescent devices (flexible displays and lightening devices), solar cells, energy storage devices, etc. Sensors, actors, and smart/self-reporting materials have been built based on semi-conducting polymers or functional polymer composites. The main advantage of organic technologies over silicon technologies is the possibility of making low-cost, large-area electronics by solution processing, such as by dedicated printing and roll-to-roll techniques. With these regards semi-conducting (pi-conjugated) polymers are one of the most promising classes of materials. This Colloquium intends to cover various aspects of smart polymer materials and organic electronics, including materials development and chemistry, transistors, OLEDs, photovoltaic cells, circuits, sensors and manufacturing.

The colloquium is connected with an Industrial Workshop (Nov. 7, 2012 in the morning). It will be organized by the European Centre of Nanostructured Polymers (ECNP). The ECNP will present the centre’s competences and offer cooperation in the field of functional nanostructured polymers and composites. Representatives from industry are welcome to join this event.

Provisional list of speakers

(as of July 30, 2012)
Alexander Eychmüller, Dresden, D
Jean-Francois Feller, Bretagne, France
Malte Gather, Dresden, D
Marina Grenzer-Saphiannikova, Dresden, D
Anton Kiriy, Dresden, D
Christl Lauterbach, Future Shape GmbH, D
Sabine Ludwigs, Stuttgart, D
Klaus Meerholz, Köln, D
Klaus Müllen, Mainz, D
Dieter Neher, Potsdam, D
Martin Pfeiffer, Heliatek GmbH, D
Petra Pötschke, Dresden, D
Ullrich Scherf, Wuppertal, D
Henning Sirringhaus, Cambridge, UK

Scientific Committee

Brigitte Voit, Manfred Stamm, Jürgen Pionteck, Anton Kiriy (IPF)

Program and Schedule

The program consists of invited oral presentations and contributed poster presentations.
The meeting will start on Wednesday, Nov. 7, 13:00 and will be finished on Thursday, Nov. 8, in the afternoon. On Wednesday evening a get-together is planned.
You can download the program here


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