Laboratory Equipment and Technical Building Services


Falk Wünsche (Mr.)
Phone: +49 351 4658-260

Within the administration / technical services in the commercial area, the laboratory and technical building equipment has a cross-sectional character to science, which means that our tasks are indirectly derived from the research goals of the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden e. V.

When preparing investments in scientific equipment and facilities, AG provides conceptual support to the scientific departments and research areas and implements the infrastructure conditions necessary for installation. This includes, among other things, new planning or rescheduling, including the realisation of laboratory areas in accordance with the requirements for structural and media-technical conditions.

With the integration of the laboratory technology and experimental facilities into the existing laboratory and plant technology, the required complete solutions are thus handed over to the scientists.

Furthermore, AG is responsible for the development of concepts and strategies to maintain and ensure the functionality of all technical facilities and buildings. This includes the development of perspective, sustainable, energy and resource-saving concepts and strategies for the continuous modernisation and expansion of the fixed assets, taking into account changing research tasks and technical standards. Translated with (free version)

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