Authors Azevedo, C.B. ; Almeida Jr., J. H. S. ; Lisbôa, T.V. ; Scherer, L. G. ; Spickenheuer, A. ; Amico, S.C.
Title Combining filament winding with tailored fiber placement in composite cylinders locally reinforced with fibrous patches
Date 07.04.2023
Number 61369
Abstract In this paper, a novel hybrid manufacturing process that combines filament winding (FW) and tailored fiber placement (TFP) is introduced. The main idea is to place a TFP patch in between two filament wound layers aiming at maximizing the load transfer between the parts. To assess its feasibility, physical properties, such as density, fiber volume fraction and void content, and also the hybrid process kinematics and error propagation are evaluated. Furthermore, to determine the mechanical performance of this novel procedure, axial compression tests are carried out considering several unidirectional TFP patches. Key results show low-void content and good cross-section quality, demonstrating the feasibility of the process. In addition, mass–normalized load peaks as high as 394% with respect to the reference (non-patched) cylinder were obtained.
Publisher Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites
Citation Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites (2023) online first

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