Manufacturing Technologies

According to the requirements of a research institute our workshop is specialized on the production of prototypes by using various materials and production techniques.

The workshop processes stainless steel as well as non-ferrous metals like aluminium and others. Plastics that are mainly machined are PMMA, PTFE, PEEK, PA, PC and PVC. For special components (e.g. measuring cells) manual process techniques have been established, e.g. various adhesive technologies or molding of silicon for the fabrication of fluid channels.

The following manufacturing technologies and machines are available:

CNC Boring and Milling

  • Hedelius Acura 65: 5-axis milling machine with rotary/tilt table
  • DMU 50: CNC universal milling machine, machine table rotatable and tiltable for multidirectional processing
  • Kosy portal version: CNC boring, milling and engraving of plastics, light and non-ferrous heavy metals

CNC and NC Lathing

  • Weiler DZ40: CNC lathe with driven tools
  • Weiler E35: Cycle control lathe

Conventional Cutting

  • FW 350 X 8 126 C: Universal milling machine with digital lengths measuring system
  • DZFG2, Weiler Primus GS: Conventional lathe with digital display

Drilling, Sawing

  • Radial drill PRC 35, Column drill Unimax 2S and bench drills
  • Bandsaw machines Horizantal MEBA 270, Vertikal Sg MB 400/2

Grinding Technique

  • Surface, tool and diamond grinding machines

Welding and Brazing Technology

  • Autogenous welding and brazing, hard soldering, arc welding, WIG, MIG and spot-welding

Sheet Metal Forming

  •  Mechanical plate and multipurpose shears; folding, beading and rounding machines

Fine Blasting

  • with glass sphere grit

The service of the workshop includes mounting the assembly, function and quality control and repair.

Further technologies that are internally not available can be ordered through well established contacts to external resources (e.g. galvanic surface treatment, anodization, laser treatment, electric discharge machining, heat treatment of steels etc.)

The scientists get the ordered equipment - from single components to complete facilities - all from one source. Thus, reliability and short production time are guaranteed.

CNC universal milling machine DMU 50

CNC lathe Weiler DZ 40