Functional materials and system integration

Development of advanced functional materials and innovative system solutions

Modern technologies and system solutions demand multifunctional materials that are compatible with advanced processing technologies and, in addition, often individually configurable. Consequently, the way to novel technologies is undergoing radical changes: Material and system development are increasingly considered as one integrated process, in which material synthesis, assembling of components, integration of components and systems as well as manufacturing and processing technologies are closely interlaced.
Only by that integrated approach, material solutions can be developed effectively for future applications in personalized medicine (e.g. individualized implants), robotics, and autonomous mobility (such as flexible electronics, sensor and actuator systems) or sustainable and autarkic energy supply. The research activities aim at coupling material properties such as thermal and mechanical stability and processability with functionalities precisely adapted to the respective application and at the development of appropriate digital multimaterial processing technologies, always bearing in mind aspects of sustainability.

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery, Prof. Dr. Carsten Werner, Prof. Dr. Sven Wießner