Bio-inspired materials

Development of rational material design concepts based on a mechanistic understanding of living matter

Learning from nature enables innovative approaches to many challenges in technology. New findings on structure and mechanisms in living matter allow for the cross-scale design of bio-inspired polymer systems with unprecedented functionality, efficiency, and sustainability. The resulting materials can enhance the safety and performance of established medical devices, pave the way for new regenerative therapies, and to provide realistic in vitro tissue and disease model systems.
Beyond that, bio-inspired and biohybrid materials are the key for unprecedented technologies, including approaches to create multimodal signaling interfaces between living organisms and the digital world.
The development of bio-inspired materials and systems requires dedicated interdisciplinary research using highly parallelized and automated experimental techniques and data-science based methods.

Prof. Dr. Carsten Werner, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit, Prof. Dr. Markus Stommel, Prof. Dr. Andreas Fery