Dr. Tyler S. Harmon

Institute Theory of Polymers
+49 351 4658 1216 +49 351 4658 752

Research Interests

Theory and simulation of biomolecular condensates (Droplets)

Thermodynamically driven droplets

  • Connecting polymer features to their emergent droplet features
  • Connecting sequence level features to the polymer features
  • Designing proteins for tuning droplet features

Chemically active droplets

  • Examining the impact of droplets on reactions for cells
  • Energy dependent bifurcations in droplet state
  • Critical behavior that induces hysteresis in droplet concentrations
  • Connecting activity in droplets to cell regulation and cell signaling


  • Monte Carlo polymer lattice
  • Monte Carlo all-atom protein simulations
  • Molecular dynamics coarse-grained simulations
  • Cahn Hilliard
  • Reaction-diffusion equations
  • Effective droplet models