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Dr. Ron Dockhorn

Institute Theory of Polymers
+49 351 4658 754 +49 351 4658 752

I'm the programmer of the application JBFM for simulating and educational purpose. It implements the bond-fluctuation-model in pure Java and runs on different architectures and operating system and even within a web browser. As default a graphical user interface, live-3D- output, different types of polymers starting configurations and calculation/representation of observables are implemented.

Fields of research

Theory, experiments and computer simulation of star-PEG-heparin polyelectrolyte hydrogels

  • Synthesis and physical characterization of biohybrid hydrogels, esp. swelling degree and storage modulus
  • Simulation of network formation using the bond fluctuation model and characterisation of the resulting structure (defect density, swelling behavior)
  • Comparison of static and dynamic properties, especially swelling behavior, relaxation time with theoretical predictions

Theory and computer simulation of DNA-segregation in eukaryotes and prokaryotes

  • Simulations of different species, esp. linear or ring polymers, under topological constraints such as cylindrical confinement as a model of prokaryotic DNA during replication
  • Modeling of chromatin segregation during the cell cycle in eukaryotes under the effect of SMC-proteins with the bond fluctuation model
  • Investigations on different models of condensin during the segregation process of sister chromatids and the influence of internal structure
  • Comparison of static and dynamic properties of the resulting structures with mean-field predictions and scaling theory

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