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Dr. Silvia Moreno

Bioactive and responsive Polymers
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Since 1/2019: Researcher employee at RP

10/2016-12/2018: PostDoc at RP on “Multifunctionalized and Responsive Polymersomes”

Topic PhD: “Carbosilane dendritic systems with different topologies for biomedical applications” (University of Alcala, 2016) with Prof. Rafael Gómez Ramirez and Dr. M. Ángeles Muñoz Fernández

2012-2016: Teaching and participation in divulgative scientific activities (University of Alcalá)

2010-2012: Research and training works (University of Alcalá)

Fields of Activity

• Synthesis and characterization of dendritic systems for biomedical applications

• Formation and characterization of polymeric vesicles for mimicking cell functions

• Modification of enzymes and proteins to functionalize polymersomes

• Key parameter study in stimuli responsive polymeric vesicles: stability, permeability, cargo efficiency and release

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Awards and fellowships

• 6th NanoToday Poster Award (Lisbon, Portugal 2019)

• Spanish Postdoctoral fellowship from Fundación Alfonso Martín Escudero (2016-2018)

• Doctoral grant from the Spanish goverment Formación de profesorado universitario (University of Alcalá, 2012-2016)

• Travel grant, IRSES Project (Novosibirsk, Russia, 2015)

• Travel grant, European Project (COST) (Toulouse, France, 2012)

• Research grant (University of Alcalá and National project CIBER-BBN, 2010-2012)

• Leibniz Mentoring Program

• MaterialVital Preis 2020 (ProMatLeben-Polymere- Best Young Researcher)