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Dr. Mikhail Malanin

Center Macromolecular Structure Analysis
+49 (0)351 4658 342 / 202

Dr. Mikhail Malanin is a research engineer at the Center Macromolecular Structure Analysis and responsible for organization, performance, treatment and discussion of both conventional and advanced MIR measurements.

Fields of activity

  • FTIR characterization of polymers and organic substances (in bulk)
  • Surface analysis by FTIR methods based on IR reflection (attenuated total reflection (ATR), diffuse reflection (DRIFT), grazing angle (IRRAS/GIR))
  • Surface characterization at nanoscale by AFM-MIR
  • Kinetics and temperature dependent measurements using Rapid Scan Time Resolved FTIR
  • Orientation effects in polymer films shown by polarized FTIR
  • FTIR Microscopy and Mapping of polymer samples, surfaces and interphases
  • Hyphenated techniques (e.g. SEC-FTIR)