Dr. Juergen Nagel

Head of working group "Reactive Interphases"

Dept. Materials Engineering
+49 351 4658 399 +49 351 4658 290

Fields of Work

  • Chemical reactions on surface of polymer melts, particularly during FDM printing, moulding, laser treatment
  • Particle synthesis and surface modification
  • Characterisation of polymer part surfaces
  • Extending of surface functionalities of polymer parts, and design of composites with organic, polymer and inorganic materials

Interests and experiences

  • Preparation and characterisation of thin layers and surfaces
  • Polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, metal complexes
  • Measuring methods, electronics, optics
  • Computersimulation of polymers (PASCAL, FORTRAN)
  • Physical chemistry of polymers
  • Particle synthesis and modification