PhD council

The PhD council is a committee elected from all doctoral students to represents the interests of all doctoral students at the IPF. It is composed of two representatives from each IPF-institute and elects one person as spokesperson and one person as deputy from this group on an annual basis.

The representatives of each IPF-institute are elected by relative majority vote in their IPF-institute. All doctoral students belonging to the IPF-institute can participate in the respective election processes or the voting of their IPF-institute, submit proposals and be elected as representatives.

Likewise, the PhD council representation determines its spokespersons by means of relative majority voting. All representatives of the IPF-institutes can participate in the election processes or the voting of the spokesperson and deputy, submit proposals and be elected as spokesperson or deputy.

Doctoral representation is also organized across the Leibniz Association (Leibniz PhD Network) and non-university research institutions (N2).

The representatives are:

Institute Macromolecular Chemistry

  • Tom Kösterke
  • Fabian Mehner

Institute of Physical Chemistry and Polymer Physics

  • Evgeny Grigoryev
  • Fabian Kopsch

Institute of Polymer Materials

  • Hester Oosthuizen
  • Julius Petrausch — Speaker

Institute of Biofunctional Polymer Materials

  • Vaidehi Londhe
  • Ashwin Shah

Institute Theory of Polymers

  • Atmika Bhardwaj — Dep. Speaker
  • Mehran Roghani