Code of Good Scientific Practice (GSP) at the IPF

The constitutionally guaranteed freedom of science is inseparably connected with a high responsibility. Scientific integrity is an expression of the awareness of this responsibility and forms the basis of trustworthy science. In this context, scientific integrity and good scientific practice are a genuine expression of scientific self-organization and oblige every scientist as well as all institutions in which science is organized. They are also an indispensable condition for science and research to work in a way that is both knowledge-oriented and oriented towards the common good. The highest principle of scientific work is truthfulness towards oneself and others. It is at the same time an ethical norm and the basis of the rules of scientific professionalism applicable in the individual disciplines. Quality should always have priority over quantity. The IPF Dresden is aware of this responsibility to safeguard and communicate the norms and rules of good scientific practice. Any suspicion of scientific misconduct at the IPF will be investigated with utmost attention and with respect for the rights of all involved. In our view, GWP compliance also requires continuous improvement of the regulations and the measures for their application. Therefore, possibilities and necessities for updating and amending the GWP framework at the IPF are critically monitored and regularly addressed at all management levels, so that the further development of institute-specific GWP measures is ensured in a structured manner for the future.

Components of the IPF-specific system for ensuring GSP

Current GSP Guidelines Ombudsperson Measures to implement the GSP Research data management Publication policy Data Stewards

Inter-instutional relevant regulations and information on GSP