Institute Biofunctional Polymer Materials

Head of Research Division "Electronic Tissue Technologies"

Ivan Minev


Tel: 0351-4658 285

Bioelectronic interfaces are systems that exchange information between living matter and machines. They can take many physical forms such as implants residing in the nervous system, electronic circuits on skin or microphysiological platforms merged with cells or organoids. Bioelectronic interfaces are expected to become a key medical technology in the 21st century that will enable new types of prosthetics and even repair of functions lost through injury or degeneration.

Our main interest concerns building the hardware that will underpin next generation bioelectronic interfaces. The main challenge we address is the seamless merging of living matter and machine. If this can be achieved, long standing challenges relating to biointegration, reliability and limitations in the quantity and type of information exchange may be resolved.

Our work focuses on three distinct areas: new materials for bioelectronics, devices and systems and (pre)clinical translation.

Materials for Bioelectronics

Device and System Integration


Affiliated Research Groups


Dr. Teuku Fawzul Akbar


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