Title An Introduction to mTAÔ and its Application to the Study of Interfaces
Date 09.11.2000
Number 9095
Abstract Microthermal analysis (&#x3bc;TA&#x2122;) combines the-high resolution visualization and positioning methods of scanning probe microscopy with the technology of thermal analysis. Equivalent to atomic force microscopy (AFM), the surface under investigation is scanned first to image its topography. Simultaneously, contrasts in thermal conductivity and/or thermal diffusivity across the surface of the sample are acquired. Based on these images specific locations are then selected for further thermal analysis (&#x3bc;TMA and &#x3bc;MDTA as local counterparts to thermomechanical, TMA, and modulated differential thermal analysis, MDTA).<p>In this article, the principles of &#x3bc;TA will be explained first; thereafter, the application of &#x3bc;TA to the studies of interfaces will be discussed.
Publisher Thermochimica Acta
Citation Thermochimica Acta 361 (2000) 113-120
Authors Häßler, R. ; Mühlen, E.zur

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