Title Electroactive (A3+B2)-type hyperbranched polyimides with highly stable and multistage electrochromic behaviors
Date 01.12.2017
Number 54005
Abstract Multicolored electrochromic materials have attracted intense attentions due to their diverse smart applications. In this work, we demonstrate a facile strategy to realize multistage visible/near-infrared (vis/NIR) electrochromism by designing and synthesizing two kinds of novel hyperbranched polyimides (HBPIs) from a novel triamine as an A3 monomer and two dianhydrides as B2 monomers. The resulting HBPIs exhibit excellent solubility and thermostability. Cyclic voltammograms of the HBPIs films reveal four reversible redox couples along with five color conversions (colorless-yellow-red-indigo-black). Furthermore, the HBPIs exhibit superb electrochromic performances including continuous modulation over the entire visible region, short response time, high optical contrast, high coloration efficiency, excellent switching stability and long-term optical memory. Accordingly, these HBPIs are promising materials in the applications of electrochromism and even endowing difunctionality combining with supercapacitance.
Publisher Electrochimica Acta
Identifier 0
Citation Electrochimica Acta 256 (2017) 119-128
Authors Sun, N. ; Meng, S. ; Zhou, Z. ; Chao, D. ; Yu, Y. ; Su, K. X. ; Wang, D.M. ; Zhao, X. G. ; Zhou, H. W. ; Chen, C. H.
Tags hbpis triphenylamine multi-electrochromism

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