Title PP/SWCNT composites modified with ionic liquid
Date 31.12.2017
Number 49784
Abstract Polypropylene composites filled with singlewalled carbon nanotubes TUBALL® (SWCNTs) were studied with regard to the effect of ionic liquid (IL) addition in different SWCNT:IL ratios (1:0.5 - 1:6). The incorporation of IL leads to a decrease of the electrical percolation threshold and already at 0.025 wt% SWCNT loading reduced resistivity values can be observed. However, the SWCNT macro dispersion, already relatively good without IL, was not affected by the IL incorporation. In addition, the nucleation effect of the SWCNT in polypropylene is not influenced when simultaneously adding IL, whereas the crystallization enthalpy slightly decreases with its addition.
Publisher AIP Conference Proceedings
Citation AIP Conference Proceedings 1914 (2017) ID030008
Authors Krause, B. ; Predtechensky, M. ; Ilin, E. ; Pötschke, P.

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