Title State-of-the-art analytical methods for assessing dynamic bonding soft matter materials
Date 03.09.2014
Number 42328
Abstract Dynamic bonding materials are of high interest in a variety of fields in material science. The reversible nature of certain reaction classes is frequently employed for introducing key material properties such as the capability to self-heal. In addition to the synthetic effort required for designing such materials, their analysis is a highly complex—yet important—endeavor. Herein, we critically review the current state of the art analytical methods and their application in the context of reversible bonding on demand soft matter material characterization for an in-depth performance assessment. The main analytical focus lies on the characterization at the molecular level.
Publisher Advanced Materials
Citation Advanced Materials 26 (2014) 5758-5785
Authors Brandt, J. ; Oehlenschleger, K. ; Schmidt, F. G. ; Barner-Kowollik, C. ; Lederer, A.
Tags macromolecules dynamic bonding self-healing online analysis size-exclusion chromatography field-flow fractionation desorption electrospray-ionization self-healing materials diels-alder chemistry performance liquid-chromatography molecular-weight distribut

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