Title Adaptable hetero diels-alder networks for fast self-healing under mild conditions
Date 04.06.2014
Number 41343
Abstract A novel adaptable network based on the reversible hetero Diels–Alder reaction of a cyanodithioester and cyclopentadiene is presented. Reversible between 50–120 °C, the adjustable and self-healing features of the network are evidenced via temperature dependent rheology experiments and repetitive tensile tests whereas the network's chemical structure is explored by temperature dependent 1H MAS-NMR spectroscopy.
Publisher Advanced Materials
Citation Advanced Materials 26 (2014) 3561-3566
Authors Oehlenschleger, K. ; Müller, J. O. ; Brandt, J. ; Hilf, S. ; Lederer, A. ; Wilhelm, M. ; Graf, R. ; Coote, M. L. ; Schmidt, F. G. ; Barner-Kowollik, C.
Tags self-healing hetero diels–alder chemistry rheology cyanodithioester

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