Title Endothelial cell morphology on functionalized microstructured titanium
Metallic biomaterial interfaces, Breme, J.; Kirkpatrick, C.J; Thull, R., ed.
Date 31.12.2008
Number 18963
Abstract Clearly divided into three sections, this book is the first to concentrate on the highly important area of metal-based implants and their improved functionality and acceptance by the body.<br /><br />Content:<br />I. Interface Influence of Materials and Surface Modifications<br />Introduction<br />Metals and Alloys<br />Topological Surface Modifications<br />Chemical Surface Modifications<br />II. Physical and Physicochemical Surface Characterization<br />Introduction<br />Surface Topology<br />Spectroscopic Interface Characterization<br />Physical Characterization of Protein Adsorption<br />Computer Simulations: Modeling of Protein Adsorption on Nanostructured Metallic Surfaces<br />III. Biological Characterization of the Interface and Materials Related Biosystem Reactions<br />Protein and Cell Adhesion Mechanisms<br />Material-induced Cell Interactions<br />Topology-dependent Cellular Interactions<br />Materials-dependent Formation of New Hard Tissue <br /><br />Metallic biomaterial interfaces<br />ISBN 978-3-527-31860-5
Publisher Wiley-VCH
Citation Wiley-VCH (2008) Chapter 3, 239-242
Authors Pompe, T. ; Herklotz, M. ; Werner, C.

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