Title Control of cell adhesion and release by thermoresponsive PEG and glyco copolymer films
Date 14.05.2008
Number 15504
Abstract PMSE 406 - Controlling Cell Functions Through Polymer Synthesis and Engineering <br /><br />We could show that the combination of NiPAAm as thermo-responsive units and ethylene glycol units to weaken protein adsorption turned out to be advantageous for the aim of controlling cell adhesion and temperature dependent cell detachment from immobilized thin films of these polymers. Thus, these novel kind of stimuli-responsive polymer coatings offer an efficient method for growth and gentle harvesting of functional cellular assemblies for use in therapy, transplantation and in tissue engineering strategies. In addition, block copolymers of NIPAM an glycomonomers could be realized by RAFT which keep the phase transition in the physiological range and allow for specific bio-interactions. These films, after immobilization and sulphation allow to mimic heparin-like cell membrane interactions.
Publisher Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering
Citation Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 98 (2008) 720-721
Authors Voit, B. ; Gramm, S. ; Özyürek, Z. ; Werner, C.

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