Title Characterization of the interaction between silanes and solid surfaces by the streaming potential method
Silanes and Other Coupling Agents : Volume 4, K.L. Mittal, ed.
Date 22.05.2007
Number 15100
Abstract This book chronicles the proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium held on this topic in Toronto. A total of 26 papers covering many ramifications of silanes and other coupling agents are included in this book. The topics covered include: various ways to deposit silanes; silane adsorption; investigation of interfacial interactions between silanes and substrates; factors affecting effectiveness of silanes as adhesion promotors; silanes for corrosion inhibition/protection; application of silanes in a variety of technological areas; silanes in dental biomaterials, in understanding cellular adhesion, and in the field of textiles; and other (non-silane) coupling agents. <br /><br />This book provides a wealth of latest information on this highly technologically important topic and anyone interested in the use of these materials will find this book of great value and interest. <br /><br />ISBN 978-90-6764-452-5
Publisher VSP
Citation VSP 4 (2007) 39-47
Authors Bellmann, C. ; Plonka, R. ; Caspari, A. ; Luxbacher, T.

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