Title Electrophoresis of soft particles at high electrolyte concentrations: An interpretation by the Henry theory
Date 15.08.2007
Number 14861
Abstract The existence of electrophoretic mobility at high electrolyte concentrations defines a remarkable peculiarity in the electrosurface characteristics of soft particles. According to Ohshima [H. Ohshima, Colloids Surf. 103 (1995) 249], this effect is caused by the electroosmotic flow within the soft particle shell. An explanation supporting Ohshima's conclusion can be derived from classic electrokinetic theories. Based on the Henry theory [D.C. Henry, Proc. R. Soc. London Ser. A 133 (1931) 106], we demonstrate that the electrophoretic mobility of soft particles does not disappear at decinormal concentration.
Publisher Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Citation Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 313 (2007) 676-679
Authors Dukhin, St. ; Zimmermann, R. ; Werner, C.

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