Title Current strategies towards hemocompatible coatings
Date 15.08.2007
Number 14853
Abstract A wide range of biomedical devices is applied clinically in contact with blood. Tailoring the surface properties of the involved biomaterials is a common approach to enhance performance and to limit adverse reactions. This review summarizes current trends in coating technologies developed for that purpose. Inorganic coatings were shown to substantially improve the durability and inertness of biomaterials while a number of advanced polymer coatings were demonstrated to be very effective by targeting specific biochemical pathways. However, to fully utilize the power of these bioactive coatings safety issues need to be thoroughly addressed in future studies.
Publisher Journal of Materials Chemistry
Citation Journal of Materials Chemistry 17 (2007) 3376-3384
Authors Werner, C. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Sperling, C.
Tags - in-vitro hemocompatibility immersion ion-implantation endothelial growth-factor surface-modifying macromolecules cardiopulmonary bypass equipment chronic myocardial-ischemia titanium-nitride-oxide blood compatibility protein adsorption platelet-adhesion

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