Authors Tenkovtsev, A.V. ; Yakimansky, A.V. ; Dudkina, M.M. ; Lukoshkin, V.A. ; Böhme, F.
Title Investigation of Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility in Polymer Complexes of Diarylidenealkanones
Date 21.11.2000
Number 9616
Abstract The third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility in polymer complexes of diarylidenealkanones has been investigated by the third harmonic generation technique at a wavelength of 1.06 µm. The macroscopic nonlinear susceptibility · (3) measured is compared with the calculated · values of the second-rank molar hyperpolarizability tensor. It is demonstrated that low-molecular chromophores can be used in syntheses of the stable polymer composite systems with a high nonlinear optical susceptibility. A further improvement in the nonlinear optical properties of complexes between deprotonated chromophores and high-basicity polymers can be achieved using the proposed methods.
Publisher Physics of the Solid State
Citation Physics of the Solid State 42 (2000) 2164-2167

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