Authors Malz, H. ; Pionteck, J. ; Pötschke, P. ; Komber, H. ; Voigt, D. ; Luston, J. ; Böhme, F.
Title 2-Oxazoline terminated polystyrene by atom transfer radical polymerization
Date 07.06.2001
Number 9406
Abstract Macromonomers of polystyrene containing one functional 1,3-oxazoline end group were obtained by atom-transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) using oxazoline-containing initiators. 2-(1-Bromoethyl)-1,3-oxazoline (<B>2b</B>) and 2-(4-(1-bromoethyl)phenyl)-1,3-oxazoline (<B>6</B>) were prepared for this purpose. 2-(1-Bromoethyl)-1,3-oxazoline was prepared by the bromination of 2-ethyl-1,3-oxazoline with <I>N-</I>bromosuccinimide (NBS). 2-(4-(1-Bromoethyl)phenyl)-1,3-oxazoline was obtained by the treatment of 4-(1-bromoethyl)benzoic acid with ethanolamine and subsequent cyclization with SOCl<SUB>2</SUB>. Both initiators proved to be suitable for the ATRP of styrene. Oxazoline mono-terminated polystyrenes with <I><IMGSRC="/giflibrary/12/Mmacr.gif"BORDER="0"></I><SUB>n</SUB> between 2&nbsp;000 and 3&nbsp;500 g·mol<SUP>-1</SUP> were obtained. The oxazoline groups were observed in the NMR spectra.
Publisher Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics
Citation Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 202 (2001) 2148-2154

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