Authors Victoria-Hernández, J. ; Scholz, P. ; Vakulenko, S. ; Gedan-Smolka, M. ; Tuschla, M. ; Letzig, D. ; Kwiatkowski, L.
Title Development of a metal-based lightweight approach consisting of cold-formable magnesium sheets in combination with a multi-purpose powder coating system
Date 22.11.2022
Number 61101
Abstract This paper will give an overview about the development of a material system, which consists of a novel formable magnesium alloy that is provided with an effective corrosion protection coating. The corrosion protection is to be realized in the form of a forming stable powder coating, which can be applied in the coil coating process. To improve the tribological properties, additional additives are added to the powder coating. Within this paper, first results concerning tribological and forming behavior of the new lightweight material system are given. For the benchmark, the results are compared with commercially available AZ31 Mg alloy.
Publisher Engineering Proceedings
Citation Engineering Proceedings 26 (2022) 23

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