Authors Dittfeld, C. ; Welzel, C. ; König, U. ; Jannasch, A. ; Alexiou, K. ; Blum, E. ; Bronder, S. ; Sperling, C. ; Maitz, M.F. ; Tugtekin, S.-M.
Title Hemocompatibility tuning of an innovative glutaraldehyde-free preparation strategy using riboflavin/UV crosslinking and electron irradiation of bovine pericardium for cardiac substitutes
Date 01.04.2023
Number 60812
Abstract Hemocompatibility tuning was adopted to explore and refine an innovative, GA-free preparation strategy combining decellularization, riboflavin/UV crosslinking, and low-energy electron irradiation (SULEEI) procedure. A SULEEI-protocol was established to avoid GA-dependent deterioration that results in insufficient long-term aortic valve bioprosthesis durability. Final SULEEI-pericardium, intermediate steps and GA-fixed reference pericardium were exposed in vitro to fresh human whole blood to elucidate effects of preparation parameters on coagulation and inflammation activation and tissue histology. The riboflavin/UV crosslinking step showed to be less efficient in inactivating extracellular matrix (ECM) protein activity than the GA fixation, leading to tissue-factor mediated blood clotting. Intensifying the riboflavin/UV crosslinking with elevated riboflavin concentration and dextran caused an enhanced activation of the complement system. Yet activation processes induced by the previous protocol steps were quenched with the final electron beam treatment step. An optimized SULEEI protocol was developed using an intense and extended, trypsin-containing decellularization step to inactivate tissue factor and a dextran-free, low riboflavin, high UV crosslinking step. The innovative and improved GA-free SULEEI-preparation protocol results in low coagulant and low inflammatory bovine pericardium for surgical application.
Publisher Biomaterials Advances
Citation Biomaterials Advances 147 (2023) 213328

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