Authors Helmecke, T. ; Hahn, D. ; Matzke, N. ; Ferdinand, L. ; Franke, L. ; Kühn, S. ; Fischer, G. ; Werner, C. ; Maitz, M.F.
Title Inflammation-controlled anti-inflammatory hydrogels
Date 03.03.2023
Abstract While autoregulative adaptation is a common feature of living tissues, only a few feedback-controlled adaptive biomaterials are available so far. This paper herein reports a new polymer hydrogel platform designed to release anti-inflammatory molecules in response to the inflammatory activation of human blood. In this system, anti-inflammatory peptide drugs, targeting either the complement cascade, a complement receptor, or cyclophilin A, are conjugated to the hydrogel by a peptide sequence that is cleaved by elastase released from activated granulocytes. As a proof of concept, the adaptive drug delivery from the gel triggered by activated granulocytes and the effect of the released drug on the respective inflammatory pathways are demonstrated. Adjusting the gel functionalization degree is shown to allow for tuning the drug release profiles to effective doses within a micromolar range. Feedback-controlled delivery of covalently conjugated drugs from a hydrogel matrix is concluded to provide valuable safety features suitable to equip medical devices with highly active anti-inflammatory agents without suppressing the general immunosurveillance.
Journal Advanced Science 10 (2023) 2206412

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