Authors Schirmer, L. ; Atallah, P. ; Freudenberg, U. ; Werner, C.
Title Chemokine-capturing wound contact layer rescues dermal healing
Date 22.09.2021
Number 59592
Abstract Excessive inflammation often impedes the healing of chronic wounds. Scavenging of chemokines by multiarmed poly(ethylene glycol)-glycosaminoglycan (starPEG-GAG) hydrogels has recently been shown to support regeneration in a diabetic mouse chronic skin wound model. Herein, a textile-starPEG-GAG composite wound contact layer (WCL) capable of selectively sequestering pro-inflammatory chemokines is reported. Systematic variation of the local and integral charge densities of the starPEG-GAG hydrogel component allows for tailoring its affinity profile for biomolecular signals of the wound milieu. The composite WCL is subsequently tested in a large animal (porcine) model of human wound healing disorders. Dampening excessive inflammatory signals without affecting the levels of pro-regenerative growth factors, the starPEG-GAG hydrogel-based WCL treatment induced healing with increased granulation tissue formation, angiogenesis, and deposition of connective tissue (collagen fibers). Thus, this biomaterials technology expands the scope of a new anti-inflammatory therapy toward clinical use.
Publisher Advanced Science
Wikidata Q108796977
Citation Advanced Science 8 (2021) 2100293

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