Authors Mäder, E. ; Scheffler, C.
Title Glass Fibers 2018 : Special Issue
Glass Fibers 2018, Mäder, E.; Scheffler, C., ed.
Date 31.12.2018
Number 58601
Abstract interfaces; surface energy, work of adhesion, adhesion strength; micromechanical tests; interphases; characterization of interphases using microthermal analysis; interphase characterization using scanning force microscopy; interphase characterization using single fiber cyclic load test; micro-macro relations in composites; continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics made from commingled yarns using different textile preforms, studies of structure-property relations, mechanical performance influenced by interphases; continuous surface modification during glass fiber spinning (sizing); reinforced thermoplastics by compounding, injection molding, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics; commingled yarns for continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics; interphase design in fiber reinforced concrete; improving the aging behavior and enhancing the durability by interface modification (nanostructured sizing, polymer coatings) <br /><br />ISBN 3-03928-244-1
Publisher MDPI
Citation MDPI (2018) 102 Seiten

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