Authors Naseem, S. ; Leuteritz, A. ; Wagenknecht, U.
Title Polymer nanocomposites based on layered double hydroxides (LDHs)
Processing of Polymer Nanocomposites, Kenig, S., ed.
Date 26.04.2019
Number 56557
Abstract This book covers the fundamental unit operations involved in processing of thermoplastic and thermoset nanocomposites. The processing methods include extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, and thermoforming. Also covered are nanoparticle dispersion, distribution, and compatibilization, and applications of polymer nanocomposites.<br />Nanocomposites have been of high research interest in the past decades and a number of practical applications are now emerging, such as in the automotive sector. Although there have been previous works on nanocomposites, they are not as current as this one and they do not have the emphasis on processing found here.<br /><br />Edited and written by leading experts in the field, this book is a major contribution to a growing and exciting area of research. <br /><br />Processing of Polymer Nanocomposites<br />ISBN 978-1-56990-635-4
Publisher Hanser
Citation Hanser (2019) 343-369

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