Authors Jaeger, S. ; Leuteritz, A. ; de Freitas, R.A. ; Wypych, F.
Title Rheological properties of low-density polyethylene filled with hydrophobic Co(Ni)-Al layered double hydroxides
Date 27.03.2019
Abstract Cobalt/aluminum and nickel/aluminum layered double hydroxide (LDH - M+2:Al molar ratio of 3:1) were intercalated with dodecylsulphate (DDS), laurate (LAU), stearate (STE) and palmitate (PAL) and used as filler in low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in percentages between 0.2 and 7.0wt%. After injection molding, the samples were submitted to morphological characterization by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), analysis of thermal behavior by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and investigation of rheological properties. All Co/Al-LDPE samples showed the formation of a high temperature polymer crystal domain, induced by the LDH filler. The rheological properties indicated in general a reduction of shear modulus due to incompatibility between some regions of LDH and LDPE, which promoted phase separation. However, interaction with the LDH surface indicated higher affinity of the Ni/Al-LDH for the LDPE compared to Co/Al-LDH, forming permanent networks.
Journal Polimeros - Ciencia e Tecnologia 29 (2019) e2019007, 1-13

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